Brian's Quilt

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So, my loving husband was feeling a little left out since everyone in our family had gotten a quilt from me except him. I made this Yellow Brick Road by Atkinson Designs out of scrap flannels and homespuns. Brian's mom let me go shopping in her scrap stash too. The backing a black velour fabric. I followed the instructions exactly but had enough fabric left over so I added an extra row at the bottom. Brian seems to like it! :)

Welcome Home - Turning Twenty

Monday, February 25, 2008

This is a "Turning Twenty" pattern. I first saw this quilt pattern done at a quilt store in Rhinlander. Even though it is just squares and rectangles, I thought it looked beautiful!
I made this using Moda fabrics, the designer is Brannock & Patek and the line of fabric is called Renewal.

This one I made for by brother, Tim, for when he finally came home from serving almost six years in the Marine Corps. His discharge date was December 14, 2007 and I had this quilt to him by the end January 2008.

Welcome Home, Sergeant Egnoski!!

Pinwheel Puzzle

This pattern is called, "Pinwheel Puzzle" and it is an Atkinson Designs pattern. I used scrap fabric for the entire thing. It is a table runner but, as you can see, I have it hanging on display by my front door. It is a very time-consuming pattern. I called it "my thinker pattern" because you really have to stop and think every row through before you piece it together to make sure everything lines up correctly. A lot of work for something so small but it's so beautiful to look at!

United States Marine Corps. Donation Quilt

This quilt I made as a donation to my brother's unit in the Marine Corps.
My brother was on a 6-month fleet when they were called up for service in Iraq. It was my brother's 3rd trip over there.
There was a "Welcome Home" committee assigned to his unit and a few months prior to their return to the United States, they asked family members to donate a blanket. One blanket, along with a "Welcome Home" gift basket, would be given to each and every Marine (Approximately 500 Marines).
I am sure they would have taken anything store bought and they did have instructions if someone wanted to make something quick but I wanted to do more than that so I made this one.

Wedding Gifts

When Brian and I got married I decided to make quilts for my parents and his as a thank you gift for all the help with the wedding.
This particular pattern is called "The Four-Hour Quilt Top". It pieces together very easily and quickly.

This one I made for my mom.

This one I made for Brian's parents.

I made one of these quilts for my Father as a wedding thank-you gift but forgot to take a picture of it! The first quilt I made from this pattern was a beautiful flannel lap-sized quilt. I gave it to my grandfather and he just loved it! He had it with him every time he sat in his chair by the front window and when he became ill, he had on the davenport with him. When he passed on, it only seemed right to keep his quilt on his davenport and it is still there today.

My First Time!

This was the very first quilt I ever made! I intended for it to be for Alexis but didn't really like the way it turned out so I donated to a Women's Shelter. Not bad pattern but the colors are terrible! :) Anyway, it was very fun regardless of the colors!

What I am all about...

I began sewing when my daughter was four months old. I wanted something creative to do with my time while she was napping, since I was a "stay-at-home mom". Brian's mom has been a quilter for many years and creates such beautiful quilts that I wanted her to teach me everything she knows...and I still have a lot to learn! My daughter is now three years old and I have a one year old son. I still stay at home with my children but "spare time" has become some what of a luxury! I still enjoy quilting and creating when I have the time. I created my personal blog to show off my own creations to my friends and family. I also wanted to view how I am improving with the more pratice I get from different projects. Please take a look around and leave as many comments as you wish; as long as they are positive ones! Keep in mind that I am a newbie when it comes to creating!